Opinion: New La Jolla business group makes progress

By W. Patrick Edwards

President, San Diego Business Improvement District Council

On Nov. 4, in Mr. Wildman’s “opinion” he stated that only La Jollans can solve La Jolla’s problems. I agree with Mr. Wildman. When I meet with our various business improvement districts, I am made aware each and every time that different BIDs across the city fight for their individuality. North Park does not want to be Little Italy, San Ysidro has little in common with Pacific Beach, and so on. La Jolla has its own identity: the Jewel of the Pacific. I support that.

However, it remains my stated purpose in this effort to get the BID back up and running by bringing together a solid group of concerned La Jolla business members. Mr. Wildman, who is a resident of La Jolla, has been unable to accomplish this goal in his position as chair of the BID advisory group.

Mr. Wildman has stated on more than one occasion that he has no interest in participating in the new management group, which is in the process of formation. I would like, respectively, to ask him to match his actions with his words and step aside. This is not the time for personal attacks or negative resistance to change. This is the time to start fresh and restore the business organization that La Jolla desperately needs to resolve its current situation.

As past president of the North Park BID and president of the BID Council, I am proud of the accomplishments that the 16 BIDs and the council have achieved over the past decades. The reason I have decided to spend my volunteer time and effort in working with Sherri Lightner is that I wish for La Jolla businesses to return to the council, starting next year. I am dedicated to seeing that La Jolla Business owners get back control of the contract to manage their BID funds.

You are welcome to join in a weekly meeting/discussion each Monday at Hennessey’s, 7811 Herschel Ave., starting at 8:30 am.