Opinion: Locals’ driving habits cause for concern


I am a native La Jollan, born and raised, and have lived in La Jolla for 47 years. I’ve been biting my tongue on this so here it goes.

Please tell our fellow drivers to slow down and look both directions when turning on the streets. I am appalled, especially seeing mothers in their cars talking on the phone, texting with their children in the back seat, not paying attention to that person crossing the street — especially on Herschel, Pearl and High streets.

I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve almost gotten hit because of our oblivious, careless drivers. Shame on you! And to top if off, I’ve been cused at, given the birdie and stink eye, just for crossing the stret.

Wake up people before you end up hurting someone. Fed up!

S. Clancy

La Jolla