Opinion / Letters to the Editor: Sharks are back in La Jolla because of the pinnipeds


Sharks are back in La Jolla because of the pinnipedsHello. I am the disabled lady who swims with others at the Children’s Pool for our therapy. We feel safe behind the breakwater.

Check out this site for recent shark sightings all around us. I predicted the pinnipeds would starve and the sharks will make a comeback, and it’s happening! It’s all the more reason to restore the pool and have a safe haven.

Also, please check out Sydney’s ocean swimming pools, the pride of Australia. They have dozens of Children’s Pools and take care of them.’s-tidal-swimming-pools&sort=relevance&dir=desc

Here is one final interesting website about shark attack stats:

Maybe The Light should publish a good informative article about sharks and pinnipeds as the lure to our beaches.— Cheri Jacobs Aspenleiter,RAMP (Restore Access to Many People)

• Does the Children’s Poolstill need a lifeguard tower?A recent headline in the Light read: $3.2 million lifeguard tower overlooking Children’s Pool … Am I missing something? Didn’t we long ago give up the idea of children ever using the Children’s Pool again? And why do we need to spend $3.2 million to watch over seals? I just do not understand. It would seem to me a central tower over the Cove would make a lot more sense. Swimmers are still using the Cove; so far, the seals have not moved there. We need to guard swimmers, not

• Restaurant’s parking changes questionableAs if parking wasn’t a real hassle in the downtown business area, my question is this: The new Amaya restaurant was approved for 40 feet of three-minute loading after 6 p.m. nightly at 1205 Prospect St. in front of its door, and the original curb was painted this way. How is it that the “white” curb grew by about 35 more feet just before opening night, yet another two or three free public parking spots are gone?Frank J. Lepiane

• Stop mixing up seals and sea lionsI think it is important to keep our seals straight. Harbor seals and California sea lions are not the same species nor are they even in the same family of carnivores. The former are true seals and have no ear lobes as the sea lions do. Harbor seals cannot stand up on their front flippers nor fold their hind flippers under themselves as it appears the “seal” shown in the April 25 issue of La Jolla Light with Robyn Gubrud’s letter is doing. Further, I don’t think there are any rounded rocks that can be seen in the picture at the Children’s Pool. The picture looks like it was taken near the Cove and the “seal” looks like a sea lion. Harbor seals are at Children’s Pool and sea lions are at the Cove or the rocks surrounding it. It makes a difference.Art Cooley, La Jolla

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