Opinion: La Jolla’s Hillside neighbors are on the watch

While I fully agree that “It pays to look out for each other” (Nov. 11, Our View) the story missed the mark with its statement that Bird Rock is the only La Jolla neighborhood with an active Neighborhood Watch program.

La Jolla Hillside Neighborhood Watch has been active for two years. We cover 10 streets, include dozens of families and have designed, purchased and posted 12 new watch signs in our area. Besides looking out for each other more, we have strengthened our neighborhood with our annual meetings and e-mail alerts.

I encourage other neighborhoods to create their own watch area. Northern Division San Diego Police Department, Community Relations Officer Alan Alvarez is a good place to start. His number is (858) 552-1631.

Courtney Coyle

La Jolla Hillside Neighborhood Watch

Block Captain