Opinion: Imagine La Jolla united


By Phil Coller

President, La Jolla Village Merchants Association

We thank the La Jolla Light for their positive support of the La Jolla Village Merchants Association (LJVMA) but need to clarify the possibility of misunderstandings that may occur from the OUR VIEW column in the paper last week.

The LJVMA has only existed for about six months; we are still in the early stages of developing our strategic plan that we anticipate announcing in the New Year. Whilst the public may hear of many initiatives that we are discussing we are realistic and know that to achieve everything we and the rest of the community want it requires commitment by members of the LJVMA and the wider community of La Jolla.

We are committed to achieving our objective to re-energize our community; we are not just talking businesses. We will do what we can when we can with the financial and volunteer resources that we have available. Some of projects we are considering are very long-term and require significant funding. We are very mindful that we must not overreach in terms of volunteer effort and funds available.

Our most important objective is to facilitate cooperation and consensus building in La Jolla. We ask for open discussion amongst all groups in our community. We can create harmony from discord and form a common view for the future of La Jolla. We ask all community groups to consider the possibility of meeting once or twice a year to imagine La Jolla’s future.