Opinion: ‘Human’ signs are distracting

By Barry Levine

La Jolla resident

Regarding your Sept. 15 editorial about “those ugly signs,” they are bad for La Jolla, but the signs that are worse are the ones that are held by people to attract attention. I frequently see the Pearl Car Wash having someone usually a block away from the car wash on Pearl holding up a sign. This should be in violation of the signage size and space allowed for a business, but either way, it is distracting to drivers and makes La Jolla look like a classless town.

I once asked the owner of Pizza on Pearl to stop having people hold up sign for them and they have since stopped. (Thank you). I’m sure I was not the only one to ask, or they just found that it was not profitable advertising.

The store on Pearl that sold things for your back is gone. That store (Healthy Back, I think) always had someone outside with a sign, I guess it didn’t help.

I have also seen a person holding up “house for sale “signs. We need to do something to stop the “human signage.”