Opinion: ‘Gateway’ to La Jolla needs some help

Given all the planned street/area improvements in La Jolla that I read about in the La Jolla Light, I was curious about the improvements planned for the La Jolla Parkway — specifically, the section that feeds from Highway 52 West, after the lane barrier sections end down to the intersection of Torrey Pines Road and Hidden Valley Road.

Due to the light at this intersection, the westbound parkway traffic backs up toward Highway 52.  Consequently, motorists slowly travel down the parkway and are subject to a deplorable sight in the middle, and on either side, of the westbound lanes while they wait to enter La Jolla.

The term “Parkway” does not usually bring to mind weeds, exposed tarp paper, bare dirt and trash. This is exactly what visitors and residents see on this stretch of Parkway.

Maintenance of the parkway’s landscaping appears only to be provided westward and on starting from the intersection of Torrey Pines Road and Hidden Valley Road.


What, if anything, is in the works to improve this portion of the “gateway” to La Jolla?

Dawn A. Cox

La Jolla