Opinion: Choose your priorities for the future of San Diego today


By Bob Kelly, president and CEO of The San Diego Foundation; Bill Geppert, chair of Our Greater San Diego Vision; and Jennifer Adams-Brooks, chair of The San Diego Foundation Board of Governors and vice chair of Our Greater San Diego Vision.

Now through mid-January, San Diegans have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to plan for the region’s future. We can weigh in on our priorities, hopes, concerns and aspirations for this wonderful place, and become part of a collective vision and action plan for the future at


What does that mean and why should the community engage?

Because we all share the same worries: jobs, transportation, housing, cost of living, and education. In the next 40 years, our regional population will grow by 40 percent, which is equal to the entire City of San Diego. Two-thirds of that figure will be our children and grandchildren. It’s projected we will need 400,000 more homes and 500,000 new jobs by 2050 to support such growth.

Where will people work? Where will they live? How will they get their educations? How will they enjoy the same amenities we do today?

These questions can be answered by you and all residents who have an equal opportunity to weigh in on the issues that will impact all of us, including our own children and grandchildren.

Go to

and begin with one of four modules: Work, Live, Learn, Enjoy.

Make choices, like whether to have high-rise, low-rise, mid-rise or mixed-use developments in various neighborhoods.

Make other choices like favoring roadways, bikeways, transit lines or walkable neighborhoods.

Choose how education will meet tomorrow’s needs, through a range of market choices, by leveraging technology, thinking globally, or focusing on lifelong learning.

Weigh in on the amenities we need to provide for tomorrow: close-by open space, remote access to cultural performances, or a network of community “hearts” of arts and culture.

Help to shape the region’s future today through mid-January at

. Tell your friends, family and neighbors, and ensure that San Diego’s future is brighter for the next generations, that will predominately be our own children and grandchildren.