Opinion: Children’s Pool best entry for divers

David W. Valentine

La Jolla

Mr. Lomac’s view sounds reasonable and is essentially correct. La Jolla Shores Beach is likely far safer for children than the Children’s Pool and is likely a far safer entry for divers as well (on 28 July, the day Mr. Lomac’s view was published 100 rescues were made by lifeguards at La Jolla Shores). But that does not mean that the Children’s Pool Beach should be given over to seals nor should humans be excluded as seal activists espouse.

Children’s Pool beach offers the safest access for divers who want to hunt with spear guns, search for lobster or just view the beauty of the rocky underwater area. The Cove has restrictions which many divers find too confining, Shell Beach is very dangerous, and South Casa is likewise unpredictable (this area has been named “Mermaid Beach” by seal activists but “Wipeout Beach” by locals). Mr. Lomac’s view is that the Children’s Pool should be given over to seals (and seal activists) to the detriment of swimmers, snorkelers and recreational divers.

In the same Light edition the new lifeguard tower for the Children’s Pool was mentioned. It is beyond me how the city could spend $3.8 million on a 766-square-foot structure to offer viewing of marine life for visitors and not safety for swimmers.