Opinion: Chelsea Avenue speeds need calming

Portia S. Wadsworth and Joe Parker

Bird Rock Community Council

The posted speed limit in most residential neighborhoods is 25 mph. This is an advisory speed limit, which is dependent on traffic conditions. In other words, you can be ticketed for driving 25 mph on a residential street if conditions require that you drive slower, such as when encountering pedestrians, other traffic or a narrow portion of the road.

Chelsea Avenue is a delightful street, but it has all of these conditions.

It is used regularly by pedestrians, joggers, parents with toddlers, and is a major thoroughfare for cyclists. Nevertheless, folks persist in driving up and down our street at speeds up to 40 mph in between the blocks.

Chelsea is not a wide road, and when cars are parked on both sides, it leaves little room for north and southbound traffic to negotiate a safe passage. Combine this with unsafe speeds, and one can immediately

comprehend the dangerous risk to others. Reducing the posted speed limit to 15 mph might encourage drivers to slow down, or perhaps installing speed bumps or speed lumps will help prevent serious or deadly accidents.

If you share my concern, you can voice your opinion to the traffic-calming subcommittee by contacting the Bird Rock Community Council at i

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