Opinion: Bird Rock roundabouts just aren’t working

Gillian Ackland

Bird Rock resident

I read with interest the Oct. 7 article entitled “Roundabout reasoning revisited.”

Joe LaCava has finally admitted to the reason why the roundabouts were foisted onto the Birdrock residents — it was for the merchants and to make parking more efficient. The effort was to slow the traffic so that they could “see that something is going on here.” It was not for the safety of pedestrians as one might have expected. That could have been achieved with traffic signals that incorporated crosswalks. In fact, LaCava even reminds pedestrians to use the crossings but there have been so many problems with the model used in this construction that frequently they do not work. Incorporating a traffic light would have been much more effective.

There are basically two reasons why the roundabouts are not working well: The roundabouts are not big enough and people do not know how to use them. This has been coupled with the disastrous decisions of the landscaping which is quite unsuitable for the area.

Large roundabouts, such as those in Europe, do have the effect of controlling and directing traffic. They are also accompanied by a stop sign on entering the roundabout. However, the small roundabouts on La Jolla Boulevard have a yield sign on entering instead of a stop. This has the effect of … creating a “stop” on the side streets.

A better assessment of the situation was put forward by Klein of A Better Deal tuxedo shop: “It’s a waste of money that could have been used elsewhere.” And for all of this, I am being charged a fee each year to support this folly.