OPINION: ‘Bees’ draw more interest than La Jolla cityhood talk

By Donna C. Aprea

Secretary, Independent La Jolla

Last Wednesday evening, while attending the Independent La Jolla’s monthly meeting, the library appeared to be busier than it normally is on Wednesday evenings. Until that evening I could not imagine that the secret life of bees would generate more interest than the issues facing La Jolla.

But I soon found out differently. The Independent La Jolla (ILJ) meeting had less than half a dozen residents discussing plans to secede from the city of San Diego while “The Secret Life of Bees” book group was evidently very well attended.

Sitting there and watching the flow of traffic into our meeting to ask us where the “The Secret Life of Bees” was being held, I wondered if these same people were the ones writing letters to the editor with various complaints about the problems facing La Jolla. Here was a chance for them to express an interest in our cause and yet their interests were in the secret life of bees.

Every week there are always one or two letters to the editor from residents of La Jolla complaining about the pothole-riddled streets, dirty beaches or the crime rate. And yet writing a letter to the editor is not going to solve anything. Writing a letter is not going to get the potholes filled, the beaches cleaned, or the crime rate to fall.

La Jolla, as it is now - a community of San Diego - cannot help itself. La Jolla does not have the final say in what happens to its future. Under its present legal status, La Jolla is subject to the laws and actions of the City of San Diego. And we all know where the city of San Diego is going.

Independent La Jolla believes that the community of La Jolla would best be served ifLa Jolla were granted status as an independent municipality: The city of La Jolla, California. As our own independent municipality, we can fix our streets, clean and maintain our beaches, provide better police protection.

We know what we have to do to secede from the city of San Diego to become our own city and it is doable.

But in a community of 44,000 residents, ILJ has just 187 members and at last Wednesday’s meeting only five members came to the meeting.

Meanwhile, up on the second floor of the Library “The Secret Life of Bees” attracted far more attention. I wonder what their secret is.