Opinion: Be sure to report thefts, even the small ones

Kathleen VanNoy-Pineda

La Jolla resident

I (recently had) an interesting conversation with a very nice member of the San Diego Police Department regarding reports I made of theft of property from my two cars which were parked in front of my house … There was no sign of forced entry and I thought how could I have been foolish enough to leave both of my cars unlocked. After all, my husband and I moved here two years ago from New York City and we’re very security minded.

The officer said that thieves have electronic devices that capture the signal sent from a remote key lock — the “clicker” that goes “bweep bweep” (my words, not his) — and then they come back and use their gadget to open cars and take things.

My husband remembered seeing someone he didn’t recognize sitting across the street in a pick up and thought it was strange. When I mentioned this to the officer, he said we were probably being cased and if we ever see that type of thing again, to call 911 and it will probably get high priority.

So the thief took a GPS from each car and also some phone chargers and a pair of sunglasses. Not enough for us to make an insurance claim but I wanted to report it though so the police would know. The officer said they think many people don’t report theft if they aren’t going to file a claim and that it’s very important to make this kind of report. Also, it’s easy to submit the report online.