OPINION: A word to ‘Clean News’ sponsors

By Dave Ish

Editor, “Clean News”

An open letter to sponsors of the “Clean News” page published in the Light on Aug. 26:

First of all, I would like to thank you for your support for “Clean News.” I feel it has had a very positive impact on dealing with the issues and informing the public on cleaning up La Jolla. It could not have been done without your help.

In this last issue I addressed a subject that has a direct and severe impact on the success and timeliness in the overall effort of improving the look of the Village, that of the city of San Diego’s delay in releasing BID funds for approved projects and return the administration and operation of the Business Improvement District to local control.

It seems that some people are offended by the tone of the article. I want to offer my sincerest apologies to you if this article has caused you or your business any embarrassment whatsoever or went beyond what you thought the scope of what “Clean News” should be.

I am not aware of any sensitive negotiations between the city and La Jolla representatives that this article would have a negative impact on. In fact, the frustration over the delay has been expressed publicly and in a plethora of e-mails from community leaders.

If this article leads to further delay in allowing the BID to initiate its approved projects, I will be most disheartened. It is my sincere hope that after the indignation over the tone of the article subsides the real issue of returning funds paid by La Jolla business to be used for the collective betterment of the Village will be forthcoming and the current stagnation will be a thing of the past.

Thank you again for your support. I will call each of you to offer my personal apologies and receive your feedback on the article and the overall issue. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at any time.