Opening of Mike’s in La Jolla is delayed


Staff Writer

Jack’s is still going to be Mike’s. It’s just going to take a little longer.

San Diego nightclub owner and restaurateur Mike Viscuso, who owns several downtown nightclubs including Boudoir which opened Nov. 11 in the old Jade Theater building at 701 C St., has pushed back the opening of his namesake Mike’s, formerly Jack’s La Jolla at 7863 Girard Ave., to spring 2011.

In July, Viscuso wrapped up lease negotiations for the former Jack’s site and announced plans to open Halloween, which was then changed to year’s end.

“I was going to open New Year’s, but I thought I would have one good day in December, and January is tax season, and February is rainy season and gloomy and cold, so now I’ve decided to open in spring,” Viscuso said.”

The timing wasn’t right to open sooner than that, said Viscuso.

“I just opened a new venue and I didn’t want to take the zing out of that,” he said, adding everything is set with his licensing and he’s funding the estimated $3 building renovation project himself.

Viscuso signed a 20-year lease to acquire a little over 18,000 square feet of space in 55 percent of the multi-level former Jack’s building site including a ground-level coffee shop on Girard, the entire 2nd floor and mezzanine level and the entire 3rd floor for his new corporate offices, which he’s already moved into. Besides the coffee shop, Viscuso’s plans include two casual dining restaurants and a fine dining space with an entertainment element.

Panera Bread bakery chain has plans to move into Viscuso’s building in the space formerly inhabited by Let’s Go, but, according to Viscuso, is running into some technical difficulties.

“They ran into some issues on not having enough amperage so they have to run their (electrical) shafts through my space and we have our engineer working on that,” he said, adding a hair salon, an art gallery and a women’s clothing retail store have all expressed interest in moving into his building.

Viscuso added he’s done all the demolition needed for Mike’s and has ordered his kitchen equipment, lighting and furniture, which he’s going to put in storage until after reconstruction is compete.

“Once I start I expect it to take 90 to 120 days to finish,” he said, adding he expects to be open for business the second week of April. “What I want to do is catch the tourist season, the state fair and race season and the warmer weather,” he said.