Open letter to Britney Spears

Some seek fortune. Some seek gain. If they are looking for happiness, they may be seeking in vain.

Happiness comes from the simple pleasures in life such as helping others and leading a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to fortune and fame. As of late, pop singer Britney Spears seems to be headed down the well-trod path of self-destruction. Checking out of an abuse clinic only to repeatedly check back in, Britney, it seems, needs some help.

If fortune and fame were all that, Britney would have some support. Where is everybody? Shouldn’t she have a support group of family and friends to help keep her on healthy course?

What follows is an open letter to Britney Spears from a surfer’s perspective:

Dear Britney,

Wishing you a speedy recovery, health and real happiness.

While you may feel isolated in these times of trouble, rest assured, you do not stand alone. Every surfer wipes out. Every person gets off track once in a while.

Wiping out can be an opportunity for growth. Mess around, you may go down. See the light, you will get it right.

What’s important now is for you to recover, learn and advance from the experience. Perhaps the experts can help you deal with substance abuse and self-detrimental behavior, but the real cure is found within you.

First, it is important to reflect on what is at the root of the cause. Let’s see, you have fortune, you have fame; in fact, you seem to have almost everything anyone would ever want to attain.

Why are you having so many problems? Why are you turning to substance abuse and self- destructing behavior? If fortune and fame doesn’t make you happy what is making you so sad?

Not everyone who looks like a surfer is a surfer. Not everyone who looks happy is happy. Just as Smokey Robinson sings that on the outside he may be smiling, but on the inside he is crying tears of a clown.

Anna Nichole Smith had a fabulous all over tan as well as bleached blond white hair. From the outside, she looked like the quintessential surfer. But she was far from it on the inside.

As you personally may know, just having fortune and fame is no guarantee of true well-being and happiness. Life is much more than continuous partying and accruing material goods.

So if fortune and fame, partying and collecting material wealth are not enough to bring lasting happiness, what is?

For starters, it’s doing something positive and meaningful with your life and what you have. You may have a little. You may have a lot. What’s most important is using what you’ve got.

Cutting your hair off was a nice call for attention, but if you were less self-absorbed and thought of others more, you may have realized others need attention also.

If you find yourself confused and caught in the rip currents of life, reach for a lifeline. Help someone else. It helps you even more.

You have celebrity. You have wealth. What you need is meaningful purpose with your celebrity and wealth.

Helping others gets your mind off your problems and makes you feel purposeful and good. Long after hit songs are forgotten and the money is spent your good works continue.

In conclusion: Britney, the choice is yours. By choosing to help others, you will be helping yourself. So-called friends may encourage self destructive behavior, but a real friend will encourage you to be the constructive and creative person you are meant to be. Fame and fortune - use it, don’t abuse it.


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