Ooh La La Dance Academy seeks diagonal parking on Cuvier Street


By Dave Schwab

La Jolla Traffic & Transportation (T&T) Board unanimously endorsed a proposal by a Cuvier Street businessowner to replace parallel with diagonal parking on a section of the east side of the street creating 10 or more additional parking spaces.

“I have more than 170 signatures and the support of all the businesses around,” Susi Nguyen, owner of Ooh La La Dance Academy at 7467 Cuvier St., told T&T Board Feb. 23.

Afterward, Nguyen said she took up the quest to improve parking after hearing neighbors’ complain that parking is insufficient due to increasing demand from client-intensive businesses, like a yoga studio and two dance academies, in the immediate vicinity.

“I have parents dropping their kids off for dance classes from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. daily and they have to park at least two blocks away,” Nguyen said fearing the situation is becoming dangerous.

A stretch of Cuvier near her business is exactly as wide as it needs to be — 54 feet — to have diagonal parking on both sides of the street. “It’s 54 feet until the street starts to narrow, 23 cars down,” she said. “If you put diagonal in, you could get a minimum of 10 more parking spaces in, maybe 12.”

T & T chair Todd Lesser told Nguyen, “You’re going to be very well liked, people want more parking.”

Phil Coller, chair of the La Jolla Village Merchants Association (LJVMA), said the group has endorsed Nguyen’s request for a parking change. Committee member Tom Brady moved approval of the change from parallel to diagonal parking, which met with unanimous group approval.

In other action

The board reiterated its stance that it will not approve any additional valet parking in the Village until a survey and a comprehensive master plan are done.

Coller said LJVMA has also approved doing a survey of valet parking for its own members from Cave Street to Herschel Avenue.

“There’s been a certain amount of confusion about valet parking,” said Brady adding an effort will be undertaken by La Jolla community planners to begin the survey process by first meeting with the 3 or 4 companies currently providing valet services in the Village.

The proposed Cuvier parking change and a request for new valet parking at 7979 Ivanhoe Ave. to accommodate the new Amaya La Jolla Restaurant under construction on Prospect Street, will both be on La Jolla Community Planning Association’s agenda at the 6 p.m. March 1 meeting at La Jolla Rec Center.