One of La Jolla teens injured in Bird Rock crash released from hospital

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

One of three teens seriously injured after being struck by a suspected drunken driver in front of Cass Street Cafe in Bird Rock last weekend has been released from the hospital, but two others remain hospitalized awaiting additional surgery.

“Ian received a broken leg, a concussion, bruised kidney and a scraped up a back when he hit the pavement,” said Michael Brininstool of La Jolla, whose son who is an actor. “He was discharged from the hospital this evening (Wednesday) and is recovering at home. He should be a pro on Xbox when it is all over.”

Lorne Polger said Thursday of his injured son, Myles, “No big change for him. He’s resting up in preparation for a third surgery (Friday) afternoon.”

Santiago Aguerre, whose daughter, Alani, was the most severely injured of the three teens, said Thursday more surgery is scheduled for her on Saturday, Aug. 21.

“She’s got several bone breaks in her pelvis that will require several hours of surgery,” he said. “Yesterday they did her left (broken) arm. Two doctors that are specialists in the pelvic area are going to coordinate how they do the surgery.”

Aguerre added his daughter is in the intensive care unit. He said he could not be more impressed with the treatment she’s receiving.

“It’s amazing the level of service that we’re getting here,” he said. “All the people here are so educated, nice, knowledgeable and professional - this place is unreal.”

Aguerre added his daughter would likely be in the hospital for the next few weeks.

Alani Aguerre, 13, and friends Myles Polger and Ian Brininstool were walking on the sidewalk near the cafe on Aug. 15 about 7 p.m. when they were struck by a car careening out of control through the nearby roundabout.

The driver of the vehicle who struck the teens, 66-year-old Ronald Troyer, was arrested Wednesday upon his release from a hospital. He was booked on suspicion of seven criminal charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol and a controlled substance, operating a vehicle without a valid license and DUI causing injury, according to jail officials.

Five juvenile pedestrians were walking together north on the sidewalk in the 5600 block of La Jolla Boulevard when Troyer, driving southbound in a large Chrysler sedan, lost control and drove up on the sidewalk striking three of the pedestrians before traveling 60-plus feet into the cafe.

The restaurant was closed after the incident until reopening for business on Tuesday morning Aug. 17.

An ad hoc group identified as Bird Rock Against Drunk Drivers (B-RADD) is asking supporters to gather the cafe on Saturday to patronize the restaurant and sign three poster-sized cards for each of the injured teens. Anyone interested in bringing in additional cards and gifts for the victims is encouraged to do so.