Omega develops local crime tracking app


For San Diego residents who want to track crime in their neighborhoods or other parts of San Diego, there’s now an app for that.

generates summaries of reported crimes and displays the data on online maps, according to the sheriff’s department.

Residents can also sign up for e-mail notifications.

“This is giving our citizens timely information for informed action,” Sheriff Bill Gore said. “The Web site sums it up well when it says, ‘Well-informed people make better decisions.’”

Residents can type in an address or click on the name of a city to see crime patterns in specific areas. Reported offenses are mapped by street names and catalogued by date, time of day and general location within the selected area.

“Sensitive” crimes, including sex assaults and domestic violence, will not be posted, officials said.

The online service was developed by San Diego-based Omega Group.