Officials still trying to find source of gas odor in La Jolla

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

On Thursday afternoon, utility crews were still trying to determine the source of that gas odor in the 700 block of Glenview Lane in La Jolla, a spokeswoman for San Diego Gas & Electric said.

San Diego-Fire Rescue and SDG&E responded to a reported gas main leak Thursday about 11 a.m. at 722 Glenview Lane in the Village of La Jolla, according to Maurice Luque, San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesman.

“We did not have to evacuate anybody,” said Luque. “We don’t know whether it was natural gas or just a sewer gas smell. They (SDG&E) were taking their readings and those readings (vapors) were dissipating.”

“Somebody smelled gas and SDG&E is on site to check it out,” said San Diego Police Officer John Tracy who was helping secure the scene about 11:30 a.m. “Apparently, they found some kind of leak in the main and they’re fixing it.”

Luque said Fire Rescue did not stay in force but left one crew member out there “just as a precaution.” He added reports of noxious smells in that area of La Jolla are not uncommon. “They are due to the sewer system being in a low-lying area,” he noted.

A fire truck and a battalion chief were on the scene Thursday morning as well as three or four police cars with officers detouring traffic on side streets away from the scene.

City News Service contributed to this report.