Now is the time to jump-start your fitness resolutions

By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get into better condition, good news: Two venues have recently opened, both offering cutting-edge programs to help you shape up.

One-stop fitness

EZIA promises a comprehensive, 21st century approach to fitness, starting with a personal video assessment and including private coaching, small group workouts, and online progress reports in everything from high-performance sports and endurance training to yoga and Pilates.

Interested in the new hot thing, kettlebells? Or E-centric strength training? They’ve got ‘em, along with massage and nutritional counseling for all ages, with family discounts.

EZIA stands for E-Z Intelligent Athletics, and it’s the brainchild of Isaiah Truyman, who brought his vision here from the East Coast.

“I was a music student in Boston, studying jazz drums,” he said. “To pay my tuition, I got a job at a local gym. After awhile, I became a trainer, and people liked what I did. I moved to New York, playing $50 music gigs at night, and getting thousands of dollars for personal fitness coaching.”

After a few years at the molten core of the Big Apple, he wanted a real life, and a real sense of community. He switched coasts, teamed up with former Frog’s Fitness manager Jason Waiton, and EZIA was born. Now he surfs every morning, walks to work, plays drums as a hobby, and just a month after its official red-carpet opening, EZIA is doing great.

But there are no E-Z miracles, as Isaiah will tell you: “We have a foolproof system here. But you have to have the mind-set to make positive change.”

The Posture Revolution

While EZIA assembles a team with a broad range of specialties, Marcia Tassinari’s Posture Revolution concentrates on the pillar of health: the spine.

“If you can’t maintain proper alignment, your body collapses, “ she said. “You can’t breathe fully, your digestion, balance and agility suffer, and everything starts shutting down. We teach specific techniques that train the deep muscles of the spine for endurance, help you lengthen and strengthen, and give you a greater sense of well-being.”

Tassinari, a 45-year-old physical therapist and long-distance runner, discovered several years ago that she had osteoporosis. Determined to avoid a lifetime of drugs, she committed to creating an exercise program that could keep people’s bones and backs strong.

Extensive research, teaching programs and experimentation led her to form the nonprofit Posture Biomechanics Foundation, dedicated to investigating ways to achieve optimal alignment and build stronger spines.

Full disclosure: After decades of back problems, I started taking Tassinari’s classes at the La Jolla YMCA three years ago. They’ve not only improved my PC (posture consciousness), but have helped me approach the activities I love — yoga, hiking, kayaking — in a safer, healthier way.

Though she continues teaching around the county, Tassinari’s new place is now her home base, with twice-weekly classes and special one-day workshops.

No excuses. With two new hot spots to work out in, that fitter future you dreamed of could be here and now.

Getting there

EZIA Human Performance

  • 230 Birmingham Drive, Cardiff
  • (760) 635-1200

The Posture Revolution

  • 114 N. Rios, Solana Beach
  • Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays; ask about special workshops; Monday classes at La Jolla YMCA
  • (858) 581-0062

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