Notes from the editor: It’s time to move on


I’m “occupying” this space today to share some personal news with readers: Today is my last day as executive editor of the Light.

I’ve decided to “semi-retire” and look for a place where I can volunteer and contribute to our world in other ways — and play with our two new puppies. You may still see my byline or my face around town as I’ll be sticking around as a freelance contributor to the paper.

Susan DeMaggio, who has done a sterling job of remaking our Lifestyles section over the past two years, will step up and become executive editor. Watch for her to do some great things in the days and weeks ahead. Should you need her, you can find her at

As I take the next steps in this crazy life of mine, I want to extend my thanks to the Light’s readers, newsmakers, and my friends and co-workers who have made the past three and a half years seem much shorter. From learning about seals to banging the drums to get some of La Jolla’s potholes filled and meeting the wonderful (yes, and some who are not so agreeable) people who make La Jolla what it is, it’s been a great gig to have.

The influence of people in this community who are constantly giving time, energy and money to make the world a better place for those less fortunate has inspired me to want to find some small way to contribute, too. I hope I can live up, in a small way, to the example they have set.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May you smile as you move into the new year. I know I will be.