North ConVis contracting marketing to South ConVis

San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau is finalizing plans to contract their sales and marketing efforts with the San Diego Convention Visitors Bureau (ConVis), according to Jack Jacobs, chairman of the San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors.

“We are reallocating and redeploying resources so we can do our best to attract leisure visitors, conferences and business travelers. We are getting very focused on hotels from La Jolla to Rancho Bernardo - roughly between Highways 52 and 56,” Jacobs said. “Our area has unique attractions to offer travelers and we need to make sure our story gets told with the biggest bang for our buck,” Jacobs said.

The objective of the new partnership is to combine resources and develop a strategic marketing plan that will improve efficiencies and deliver a stronger return on investment and increased economic benefit to the San Diego region.

Brian Hughes, chairman of the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors, said, “Combining efforts comes at a critical time during the recovery of San Diego’s tourism industry. I see this as a very important step that will allow San Diego North to reduce overhead expenses and make more funds available for focused sales and marketing activities,” said Hughes.

The formal agreement between San Diego North hotels and ConVis is expected to be finalized with within the next 30 days.

SOURCE: Press Release