Nonprofit will oversee fireworks

Now that La Jolla’s Fourth of July fireworks display has been saved, the next task is to establish a permanent legal “entity” to perpetuate fundraising for the homegrown community event.

“We would like to thank everyone for their interest and commitment to the continuation of this great tradition,” said Deborah Marengo in a letter to donors who anted up in excess of the $27,000 needed to stage the Independence Day display. “During fundraising, we met with many of the contributors and heard that it was important to them that our efforts remain an independent community effort. We will be forming a nonprofit solely for the continuation of the fireworks display on the Fourth of July.”

One of the more than 100 contributors was the La Jolla Cove Suites Hotel. Chief Executive Officer Krista Baroudi said: “My children have grown up watching these fireworks and we’ve had ringside seats. I can’t think of any other place where you can feel so within the fireworks show.”

Calling the Fourth of July “a very important day for the community,” she added: “I just couldn’t imagine it going away. I’m just thrilled we were able to pull it off. It really gave you the feeling that the community came together on something they were passionate about.”

The list of major contributors includes Calacles Consulting, Dave and Debbie Benson, Irving Hughes, La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla Cove Suites Hotel, Marengo Morton Architects, Pasquale on Prospect, The Grand Colonial Hotel and The Steakhouse at Azul. Click


to see full list.

Baroudi said she, Marengo and Adam Harris, who spearheaded the successful Internet fundraising drive, are meeting to plan the future of community fireworks displays.

“We’ve already had discussion on forming a committee and maintaining the fireworks for coming years,” she said, adding that those plans might include expanding upon and improving the event by adding live entertainment.

“Many years ago, we had the Marine Corps Band in the park, and they played from late afternoon right into those first (fireworks) blasts,” Baroudi said. “It was an amazing transition to have patriotic music going into the spectacular fireworks display.”

Baroudi said she and Marengo have talked about making fireworks a full-day event. “We’ll see how easy it is to do that,” she said. “We’re just excited at the prospect of being able to help out on such an amazing day.”

Harris said he and Marengo are still busy doing a final accounting of the fundraising, with donations continuing to trickle in.

He added fundraising principals and restaurateur George Hauer who hd co-hosted the event the past 24 years along with First Republic Bank, are meeting to “plan from this point forward. What we would like to do is form a nonprofit, have a more formalized effort to do the planning for the event.”

Hauer said he’s been busy since last week’s announcement that fireworks have been resuscitated doing the legwork - getting signs for street closing, arranging for Port-a-Potties, hiring a security company, getting insurance coverage, etc. - to stage the event.


Donor / Sponsor

Calacles L.L.C.

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

La Jolla Cove Suites

La Valencia Hotel

Marengo Morton Architects

Pasquale On Prospect

Scott Peters/Lynn Gorguze

The Grand Colonial Hotel

The Steakhous At Azul


Alice Marie Young

Andrea Dahlberg

Andrew Griswold

Andrew Jabro

Angela Preisendorfer

Avalon Ventures


Bo Hedfors

Bt Hermann

Brockton Villa

Cambria Benson

Capistrano Surf And Sport

Carolyn And Ed Perrish

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D & C Ware

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