Nonprofit Mama’s Kitchen has delivered six million meals to HIV/AIDS and cancer patients

City News Service

Mama’s Kitchen, a San Diego-based nonprofit that for years has given free food to HIV/AIDS and cancer patients, will deliver its 6 millionth meal today.

In 2011, Mama’s Kitchen served an average of 953 meals a day to 572 people for an annual total of nearly 348,000 servings, according to the group. Nearly 800 volunteers helped take the food around to men, women and children throughout San Diego County.

Mama’s Kitchen recently relocated its headquarters from just north of downtown to Home Avenue, a little north of state Route 94.

The organization was launched some 20 years ago by volunteers from the AIDS Assistance Fund after they discovered many people with AIDS were dying from complications of malnutrition because they were low-income and too ill, isolated and emotionally devastated to help themselves.