No proof needed for the best

Jack Best was a big-wave surfer. Often on the biggest of the biggest days, Jack could be spotted with binoculars far out to sea surging the biggest waves alone.

Many thought Jack had an inheritance. But in truth, Jack lived an extremely humble life. To support himself, Jack would shape surfboards. Jack felt as long as the rent was paid, he was OK.

There was a time when the corporate clothing companies offered large prize money for the surfer who, with photographic evidence, rode the biggest wave of the year. For Jack, this was a dream come true. Deep inside, Jack knew he would win the prize.

Winning, it turns out, would not be as easy as Jack first thought. There would be many obstacles standing in Jack’s way, of which surfing big waves would be the least.

As the year progressed, Jack surfed every big swell that came in.

Jack grabbed his board and prepared to paddle out into the wild surf. Frightened, but confident, Jack was determined to catch the largest wave ever.

Jack entered the roaring ocean, and timing his paddle-out perfectly, he made it all the way to the outside where the biggest waves would be coming through.

And then it happened. Big waves came pouring through like huge avalanches. Knowing he had to catch the very first wave or face certain death, Jack began paddling with every ounce of his being with all his heart, with his entire soul.

He did catch the first wave.

But alas, though Jack Best had eye witnesses, he lacked photographic evidence. Though Jack did not win the prize money, promotion or recognition, Jack was not a loser. Until this very day, no surfer on earth has ever surfed a wave as large as Jack Best did on that gray and stormy day.

Though you might not receive recognition, payment or even a thank you for the great things you do in life, always remember you do not need others to tell you you’re a winner. Aloha.

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