No climbing signs there for the Scripps Park trees


By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

A couple of trees in La Jolla Shores and an Australian Tea Tree at Scripps Park have been posted with no climbing signs to protect them, city officials said last week.

“Staff has them posted for the long-term health of the trees in those locations,” e-mailed Stacey LoMedico, city of San Diego Park and Recreation director. “I requested the department’s arborist to evaluate the tree at Scripps, and he agrees with staff’s assessment that it is best to keep people off that tree.”

Concern was expressed by at least one local resident, Baxter Carlson, who e-mailed the Light complaining that children have climbed on those trees for generations and that it would be a shame to lose that public amenity.

City park arborist Mike Marika said the public is generally discouraged from climbing on park trees due to liability issues, and because some trees may be old and in ill health. But he acknowledged there is no enforcement policy or procedure in place to prevent trees from being climbed in.

“It’s rare,” he said of signs being posted specifically prohibiting tree climbing. “There must be significant issues that they’re (city’s) concerned about from the health standpoint of the tree.”