No ‘bang’ without the bucks

News that there won’t be fireworks in La Jolla on the Fourth of July probably comes as a relief to some who dread the annual traffic nightmare the event creates. But it’s not welcome news to those who love the holiday for what it means in our nation’s history, those who see business that day from the influx of visitors, or those who just love it for the family fun it provides.

It’s not the only event caught in the economic squeeze--the Movies at the Cove look like they’re gone,, too. And even though they’ve survived, the Concerts by the Sea are feeling the pinch, with funds off by as much as a third at this point.

George Hauer of Georges at the Cove, who has hosted the event with First Republic Bank for the last 24 years, pegged it when he said, “It just kind of feels like the end of an era.”

The community owes him a very rousing “Thank you” for all the effort and money--about $400,000 through the years and it would have been $27,000 this year--he’s given to putting on the show. Thanks, too, to the bank that has helped defray the costs.

It’s a sad sign of the times that community events go by the wayside when funding falls through. Whether it’s the bank that isn’t in a position to help out or county Supervisor Pam-Slater Price, who has helped out with the Movies at the Cove through her community funds, the story’s the same: Money is tight.

But maybe going without for a year will make us come together to find a way to pay for things that make La Jolla the great place it is for residents and visitors alike, whether it’s fireworks or clean sidewalks.

Or maybe there’s a benefactor out there that doesn’t want these community events to miss a beat. If there is, speak up now while there’s still time to pull the pieces back together.

Meanwhile, let’s support those in the community who give every day as well as on special occasions. Thank the people who serve in our community through the time they give and the work they do. Shop in their stores. Eat in their restaurants.

Remember, La Jolla is known as the Jewel for good reasons. It will sparkle even without fireworks.