NIH grant will fund Salk neuroscience center

The Salk Institute has received a $4.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to establish a Neuroscience Core Center, a new research center intended to accelerate brain research that lays the foundation for developing new ways to treat congenital brain defects and neurological diseases.

It is one of three new centers established this year to work on basic brain research. The funds will be used over five years to provide access to new technology and expertise for the Salk faculty, more than half of whom are engaged in neuroscience research.

Dennis O’Leary, the Vincent J. Coates Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at Salk, will serve as director of the new center, which will provide research support in genome manipulation, imaging and behavioral studies.

“Under Dennis O’Leary’s leadership this new center will speed discovery of how genetic changes alter abilities such as motor function, learning and memory,” Salk Institute President William R. Brody said in a press release.