New Year, new smile: how “makeover” orthodontic treatments can provide straighter teeth and better health


By Robert Sunstein, DDS

With every New Year comes new resolutions; and as 2012 gets underway, countless individuals across the country have no doubt determined to make this the year that they begin to eat better, look their best, and live healthier, happier lives. For many of us, when it comes improving our overall health, diet and exercise are the top two lifestyle changes that come to mind. But surprisingly enough,

orthodontic treatments

are another highly effective way to transform the body, inside and out. Thanks to significant breakthroughs in the comfort, efficiency, ease and aesthetics of orthodontic braces, achieving a perfect smile is more accessible than ever before. And in addition to the obvious cosmetic benefits of teeth straightening procedures, individuals who undergo professional orthodontic treatment can also safeguard themselves against a host of both oral and systemic health risks – resulting in a “makeover” that does as much for one’s internal well-being as it does for their outward appearance.

Ideally, orthodontic treatment will begin at a young age; but thanks to the increasing popularity and ease of adult orthodontics, there is no limit or restriction when it comes to the “right” time to get braces. For patients of any age with concerns about crooked, misaligned or otherwise abnormal teeth, an initial examination is the best way to determine an optimal course of action – and to assess whether or not orthodontic treatment is required immediately to prevent oral health problems and risks down the road. If needed, braces should be fitted and worn for approximately 12-18 months (although each individual case may differ in terms of treatment time).

Today’s braces are much subtler than their traditional counterparts, and with alternatives like Invisalign patients can even experience “invisible” teeth straightening while going about their daily activities. When administered by a qualified professional orthodontist, braces – for both child and adult patients – can significantly improve the look and performance of crooked teeth; yet the benefits of orthodontics are hardly confined to cosmetics alone. Braces work to re-align the teeth for greater health and safety, closing gaps and correcting abnormal bites that, if left untreated, can contribute to plaque buildup, gum disease, tooth and bone loss and related systemic diseases. So don’t put off a visit to your local orthodontist: instead, make 2012 the year you give your smile a makeover – and reap the benefits of straight, strong teeth for decades to come.

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