New PLJ board not at fault for financial woes


By Keith Kelman

Last week, the La Jolla Light printed Deborah Marengo’s (past president of Promote La Jolla) views under the heading “Community View.” She states:

“The foundation’s success would have continued, in my opinion, were it not for the vitriolic campaign against a pilot, paid on-street parking program recommended by the Parking District and supported by PLJ.”

Am I missing something here, or isn’t it abundantly clear to everyone that the failure hasn’t been with the new PLJ board that was duly elected by La Jolla’s businesses, but with the majority of the old board that failed to acknowledge the wishes of the community, failed to properly represent its own members, and continued to try to push paid parking down our collective throat?

Yes, the board of PLJ supported paid parking. Yes, you failed to represent the overwhelming wishes of La Jolla’s businesses. Yes, La Jolla’s residential community was also overwhelmingly against on-street paid parking. Yes, new board members were elected. No, we didn’t want paid on-street parking.

Now, since the city has conducted an audit of PLJ, two things that have become clear are: (1) that Promote La Jolla was not running a balanced budget and (2) that Promote La Jolla now has been saddled with a hefty amount of debt.

The new board is trying to deal with the debt issue and is pursuing avenues that might help us mitigate their impact on the operations of, and indeed, the existence of Promote La Jolla.

So please, blaming the economic woes of Promote La Jolla on the newly elected board members is like blaming the problems discovered by the city auditor on the city itself for ordering the audit in the first place.

Keith Kelman owns K. Nathan Gallery.