New parking enforcement proposed

On Thursday, May 15, the city of San Diego’s Parking Advisory Board met to discuss enforcement policies and other matters. Board member Martin Moiser proposed a plan that would use new surveillance technology to help the city better enforce its time zone parking regulations.

“Other cities like Monterrey and Beverly Hills are already using this system successfully,” Moiser said. “I think the parking problem is especially bad in La Jolla.”

The plan would involve mounting the technology onto a vehicle, which would then patrol an area and keep track of the cars that park there. The system can identify license plates.

Currently, parking enforcement uses chalk marks to keep track of the time a car remains parked ina a timed zone.

Moiser and other members of the board agreed that such a system would be more effective than the chalking method, which people have learned to circumvent by erasing the chalk marks and/or simply moving their cars into another nearby space.

Moiser suggested that the new system penalize car owners who re-park their vehicles anywhere within 300 feet of their original parking space or who return to the same parking area within 6 hours of leaving.