New Headmistress at Bishop’s

By: Frannie Tyner and Remi Levoff

Come fall 2009, a new face will be found on the Bishop’s campus. Amieclaire Roche will take the place of Michael Teitelman as the schools 11th headmistress. Graduating high school from Philips Exeter Academy, receiving her undergraduate degree from Harvard and her masters from Columbia, Roche brings a history of academic excellence to Bishop’s.

Currently, she is Assistant Head of School and a Latin teacher at Groton, a private boarding school in Massachusetts. Roche was chosen from a pool of 50 candidates by a selective search committee made up of students, teachers, parents, and faculty. Various people who took part in the interview process remark on her “intellect” and “warm leadership style.”

Roche seems equally excited to make the move cross-country to Bishop’s.

“I plan to begin at Bishop’s by listening hard and thoroughly, and really coming to know what Bishop’s is all about, in every classroom, on all the teams, and in all the labs and performance spaces. I believe that getting to know a school thoroughly first is the best way to tackle any challenge that may be ahead,” said Roche.

Her desire to attently listen to what students and faculty want to change in their school seems to be a huge priority.

Being the new headmistress she has large shoes to fill, as Teitelman has been a part of the Bishop’s campus for 25 years. He has seen and helped the school grow and change and there is no doubt that he will be missed next year.

Most of the students seem excited with the choice for the new headmistress. Coming from such a reputable school as Groton is there seems to be much hope that Roche will not only build upon, but better Bishop’s legacy for excellence (in not only academics, but arts and athletics as well.)

“I am very impressed by the energy the students are bringing to campus each day and, in equal measure, the passion the teachers give to all their endeavors around the quad. I am also impressed by the affection students and faculty show to each other. Bishop’s strikes me as a place in which I will thrive - an exciting place to go to school and to work and a warm community of which to be a part,” Roche said.

So fall 2009 will bring a change, new seniors, a new sixth grade, and a new headmistress all of which the students await with anticipation.

Frannie Tyner is a junior at The Bishop’s School and assistant editor of The Tower.