New Bird Rock boutique offers French look, chic apparel

French is the look, chic is the style at Capricorn, a new Bird Rock boutique offering the latest in men’s and women’s clothing.

Owners Krissy Heinz and Lisa Ovadia knew their stars were aligned when they came across the dreamy space at 5544 La Jolla Blvd., Suite B, a Parisian-inspired brick house set back from the street sporting a large fleur de lis on the front door with checkered floors and an antique fireplace. “We kind of feel like the store chose use,” said Heinz.

“What we have is a special place in Bird Rock,” said Ovadia, “where they (customers) can feel like they’re indulging when they come in here.”

Heinz said Capricorn carries popular home decor items like candles and books, pottery and greeting cards from London - things you’ve never seen anywhere else. “We want customers to feel happy,” she said.

“Whether they didn’t buy anything, or bought a card or a dress, we want them to feel comfortable and good when they walk out of the store.”

The boutique is named for the astrological sign of the two, 25-year-old women, longtime friends who met in college and have 10 years’ experience between them in fashion and customer service in some of San Diego’s finest boutiques. Ovadia previously worked at Melange, Heinz at JEP.

A recent Capricorn customer, young mom Jamie Villalobos of La Jolla Shores, is taken by both the boutique’s ambiance and its product mix. “It’s hip, it’s cool,” said Villalobos. “They have decorated it beautifully. Their taste in clothing is right on, cutting edge, but in an affordable way.”

“What I like best about the store is diversity in a small space,” said Lori Polin, another La Jolla client who is in the custom invitation business. “They offer a lot of options for shopping, whether it’s a gift item for a man or woman, or just a feel-good need, like a real good nightgown.”

Shoppers can expect to be spoiled at the clothing boutique, which bills itself as “indulgences for him and her.” Heinz and Ovadia are dedicated to discovering unique and special lines of clothing, gifts and accessories setting them apart from the mainstream.

Most items in Capricorn are priced at $200 or less. “We want to make sure we have something for everyone,” said Heinz, “whether it’s clothing or a special candle or jewelry.”

Walking over to a jewelry case, Heinz points out extremely small, delicate, eclectic necklaces. “These are extra special - yellow gold, pink gold, sterling silver, diamonds, " she said, “very novel, unique and dainty. We want everything to be special, that you can’t find in a department store, or even in another boutique.”

Lines carried at Capricorn include Erica Tanov, Prairie Underground, Corpus, Cassette and Le Magnifique. Also on hand are Jonathan Adler home decor items, funky greeting cards and other specialities from London.

Next to Capricorn’s jewelry is an eye-catching, sheer line of ladies lingerie. “That is Alex Chloe,” said Heinz. “The lingerie we have is not super sexy and racy but the ideal feel, comfortable, a little more of an indulgence.”

“The detailing on it is unique and it’s not sold anywhere else,” added Ovadia.

“We have our lower price-point items from Brazil that are soft and yummy and which sell really well,” continued Heinz. “It’s perfect for San Diego, especially La Jolla,” added Ovadia, noting the coastal crowd is very beach casual.

A special line of books at Capricorn runs the gamut from Andy Warhol to local surf lore. “We wanted to offer the opportunity for local writers to sell their stuff, photography books or whatever,” said Heinz.

Ovadia noted Capricorn has been very well received by Bird Rock residents. “We’ve had a lot of support opening up,” she said. “People are really behind us, believe in us. That’s going to help inspire us to give them something special, something they’ve never seen.”

Shoes are an increasingly popular item at Capricorn, which sells Haviana beach flip-flops from Brazil which cost only $48. “Anyone can wear them,” pointed out Ovadia, “they’re very lightweight.”

Also increasingly popular at Capricorn is the relatively small, but equally trendy, line of menswear the boutique carries.

Capricorn customer Lori Polin found just the right type of clothing to buy a man in her life. “I bought a few things for my 20-year-old son,” she said, “which is pretty not easy to find. Everything I bought for him is unique, but wearable for a 20-year-old college student.”

Plus, added Polin, the shopping environment at Capricorn creates the perfect mood. “They did a wonderful job of creating a warm, homey space,” she said. “I appreciate it when I go shopping and I have that kind of environment.”

At the same time Polin found clothes for her son, she also found the perfect gift item to give to her daughter’s teacher. “They just have a good sense of bringing in accessories, gift items for one-stop shopping, whether it be a candle or a decorative piece or some clothing,” she said.

Customer Villalobos appreciates the fact Heinz and Ovadia have class, as well as flash, in the apparel lines they’ve chosen. “The girls have great taste,” she said. “Lisa and Krissy are talented. They bring a fresh look to Bird Rock. The store is going to offer something for everybody, from going to the beach to hanging out at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters with your kids, or going to a party at Jack’s on Saturday night. There is something for everybody at prices that are affordable.”

Capricorn is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. Call the boutique at (858) 551-2660 or e-mail