Natural allergy relief: how dietary changes can alleviate common food allergies


By Bryan Abramowitz, MD

Most of us have dealt with allergies at some point in our lives, either personally or through the experience of a friend or family member. Food allergies and dietary intolerances are especially common, and can result in uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms. Individuals who suffer from such conditions may worry that daily medication is the only solution; but for those seeking

natural allergy relief

for GI complaints and food allergies, the best and safest place to begin is with a healthy diet.

As children, most of us were told “you are what you eat.” But now, as adults, how often do we adhere to this timeless and very true advice? Our bodies may react to the outside world in many ways; but we have the power to change these reactions – and sometimes reverse them completely – simply by eating the right food for our bodies.

Improper nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle habits can cause imbalance in the body’s storehouse of beneficial bacteria – and subsequently, suppresses immunity and the effective processing of allergens. Therefore, a good starting point for better overall health, regardless of what ails you, is improved digestion – aided by nutritious meals, ample chewing, and the incorporation of naturally enzyme and bacteria-rich foods to help regulate intestinal flora. Whether you have a known food allergy or simply experience recurring GI discomfort (anything from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut syndrome to bloating, gas and constipation), live cultures can help “reset” your digestion and in some cases even eliminate symptoms. Start by adding a serving of yogurt or kefir with live active cultures to your diet every day, and see how you feel. Discovering the key to better health can be as simple as a few tweaks to your daily menu – and yield lifelong results for improved vitality and comfort.

Personalized medicine, natural solutions: our mission at San Diego Wellness MD

As an experienced physician with a passion for integrative and holistic treatment strategies, I believe strongly in the importance of dietary changes for enhanced health. From allergies and GI symptoms to improved energy, concentration and mood benefits, food can be an overwhelmingly effective medicine. The key is to tailor treatments to the individual patient, and pinpoint the foods, supplements and therapeutic modalities that will be most effective for his or her unique needs.


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