National Charity League San Diego honors young women from its Ticktockers class of 2014

This year’s National Charity League San Diego graduating class (Ticktockers) included young women who completed the six-year program and were presented at “Once Upon A Time … Her Story Begins,” a celebration in their honor at the Hyatt Aventine during the 2014 Memorial Day weekend.

Top Row:

Julianna Elise Schuetz, Marjorie Cecile Reed, Jonna Lil Schreibman, Marion Christine Beacham, Emily Jane Baker Young, AmberMae Britain Goodjohn, Sarah Marie Robertson, Madison Marjorie Varonfakis, Emma Hope Berholtz, Taylor Jade Bertrand and Lauren Leanne Luscomb.

Bottom Row:

Emily Claire Olsen, Madeline Claire Ittner, Dana Jaclene Rohan, Tessa Reiss Evans, Lolo Irene Frager, Nicole Fai Roos, Sydney Ashton Moses, Vaill Kathrine d’Angelo, Madeleine Stevens Armstrong, Caroline Ann Corn and Cristina Maria Ferruolo.