Mythology at Muirlands

Fifty Muirlands Middle School sixth-graders participated in the 19th annual National Mythology Exam, which tests knowledge about Greek and Roman classic myths, as well Homer’s Odyssey Book I. More than 10,000 students in grades 3-9 from the United States, Canada and Australia take the test. Thirty-nine percent of all participants earned awards, while 90 percent of the Muirlands students received them. Pictured are Gold medalists Jessica Alexander, Daniel Budanov, Jennifer Chien, Kellan Colburn, Serina Curtis, Alma Halgren, Charlie Mann, Cailin Liu, Reed Vickerman, Louise Xu and Maxim Zaslavsky; Silver medalists Keith Block, Shanelle Chen, Amir Dalichaouch, Lauren Dorst, Christopher Fluharty, Stephanie Foster, Ben Hutchinson, Kate Jensen, Isabella Johnson, Daniel Kovelman, Erica Liu, Vail Miesfeld, Gaven Petilli and Juntai Zheng; and Bronze medalists Siena Carlos, Nicki Mashayekan, Eddie Parker, Sarah Rainsdon, Jared Roberts, Vivian Vu, Emma Wineman and Rena Winick. Susan Speirs Minnicks taught the students.