My Art Shed: It’s about ideas, too

Teaching art is a transcendent experience for Porschia Talbot, whose My Art Shed in La Jolla is a working gallery where experienced artists and educators encourage students to go “outside the lines.”

The Australian native said it’s always been her dream to find a way to combine her affinity for children with her love of teaching and art. That dream became My Art Shed studio at 7426 Girard Ave., which Talbot uses to offer a plethora of art instruction to all ages.

“We pretty much do every form of art — sculpture, painting, drawing,” she said, noting her emphasis is always on building creativity which she claims can bridge educational gaps by teaching youth to “think creatively or outside the box,” as opposed to education centered around testing.

Talbot said her classes put pupils ahead of the game by encouraging them to be “forward-thinking.”

“My classes are not just trying to teach them fine art, but also trying to incorporate a way to give them confidence,” she said. “So we do assignments and come up with ideas to really encourage that confidence in them so that they can go out and apply it to different areas of their lives, change their entire perspective.”

The art instructor said her approach is both “holistic and empowering.”

“They (students) get more than just a few painting lessons,” she added.

Noting she’s “pretty lucky” to have three schools within 500 yards of her front door, Talbot said it makes it “a nice little local spot” to teach art to everyone from toddlers to seniors, during the day, at night, on weekends and in summer camps.

“It’s a bit unique because you can buy a package of classes, but don’t necessarily have to sign up for every class,” said Talbot of her pricing. “It’s like a credit system where you can drop in on classes, though there are some limits with capacity. You only pay for what classes you attend, so there’s a lot of flexibility.”

For more information about My Art Shed call (858) 454-4499 or visit