Mount Soledad cross vandalized

Someone broke into the enclosure housing the Mount Soledad Cross sometime Thursday night and scrawled profanity on the 40-foot-tall war memorial.

“At 11 a.m. this morning, I got a call that someone took a crowbar to the lock in the fenced-off area of the cross,” said Joanie Miyashiro-Brennan, executive director of the Mount Soledad Memorial Association. “They took a black marker and on all four sides of the lower base part of the cross itself there was lots of bad words: They even spelled Jehovah wrong.”

She said the language scrawled was hateful and sacrilegious and that she called police to file an incident report detailing the desecration.

“We wanted them to see it and put it in the log,” she said.

Painters were called in to white out the vile language.

“We’ve got a new, scary big lock,” Miyashiro-Brennan added.

The Mount Soledad Memorial Association is a nonprofit created to to enhance and memorial that honors veterans and active military.

Police spokeswoman Monica Munoz said damage was estimated to be about $45 when the call came in.