More than just pretty faces

By Tricia Decker

Standing backstage ready to ascend the runway, which had converted the Hyatt Regency La Jolla’s Aventine ballroom into both a house of fashion and a platform on which 25 girls and their fathers were going to catwalk down, I reflected upon the goals of National Charity League (NCL).

“Imagine” was the theme of the night, although one need not imagine the wonder that is NCL. These newly presented ladies have done much more than sport lovely white gowns – they’ve given back to the community that has given to them. The NCL class of 2008 collectively contributed 12,000 hours of community service through hard work and dedication to the community.

NCL is a charitable coalition of mothers and daughters whose mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. Founded in the 1920s by a group of women in Los Angeles, NCL has blossomed into the powerhouse that it is today. It has more than 140 different chapters in 15 states.

The organization supports multiple charitable programs, such as Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and St. Vincent de Paul.

Leadership development is cultivated through class elections, where girls elect officers to lead their class – a group of about 25 ticktockers (daughters) and patronesses (mothers). Ticktockers and patronesses attend at least one NCL-sponsored cultural event per year. Such events include plays like “Mamma Mia!” and concerts by the San Diego Symphony.

NCL is a six-year program that begins in 7th grade and ends in 12th at a ceremony titled “Senior Presents,” like the one that took place on May 24 in the Aventine ballroom.

Event chairs Wyndam Jackson and Sally Hanger created a memorable night. Hanger said the night was a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of fun.

Micki Olin and Nancy Pouk were co-chairs of senior presentations. Vicki Eddy was master of ceremonies. These ladies created a transcendent occasion, where fathers presented their daughters into society.

NCL graduates are:

Alexi Archambault, Daughter of Diane and David Archambault

Presented by her father, David

Meghan Barry. Daughter of Carol and Timothy Barry

Presented by her father, Timothy

Taylor Binder, Daughter of Estel and Dr. Walter Binder

Presented by her father, Wally

Mia Cohen, Daughter of Ursula and Sheldon Cohen

Presented by her father, Sheldon

Catherine Coppenrath, Daughter of Joan and Leonard Coppenrath

Presented by her father, Leonard

Danya Costello, Daughter of Katya Newmark and Matthew Costello

Presented by her father, Matthew

Laura Cummings, Daughter of Micki Olin and Dr. Thomas Cummings

Presented by her father, Thomas

Gia DeMichele, Daughter of Barbara and Mark DeMichele

Presented by her father, Mark

Melissa Helm, Daughter of Jacquelyn and Murray Helm

Presented by her father, Murray

Hillary Hudson, Daughter of Ariane and Drew Hudson

Presented by her father, Drew

Jennifer Huntly, Daughter of Laurence and Mark Huntly

Presented by her father Mark

Alexandria Icenhower, Daughter of Donna and Jerry Icenhower

Presented by her father, Jerry

Delany Maher, Daughter of Mary and Patrick Maher

Presented by her father, Patrick

Caitlyn McCarthy, Daughter of Cheryl and Daniel McCarthy

Presented by her father, Dan

Fiona McNeil, Daughter of Lydia and John McNeil

Presented by her father, John

Megan Morikawa, Daughter of Karen and Derek Morikawa

Presented by her father, Derek

Candace Overlie, Daughter of Candy and Dr. Paul Overlie

Presented by her father, Paul

Kelsey Pouk, Daughter of Nancy and John Pouk

Presented by her father, John

Kaitlynn Reilly, Daughter of Treycie Haigh and William Reilly

Presented by her father, Bill

Natalie Reusser, Daughter of Heidi and Curtis Reusser

Presented by her father, Curtis

Katie Salvato, Daughter of Cindy and Robert Salvato

Presented by her father, Rob

Lindsey Schwartz, Daughter of Mary Rose and Benjamin Schwartz

Presented by her father, Ben

Alexandria Stephens, Daughter of Kathryn and John Stephens

Presented by her father, John

Nicole Thomas, Daughter of Inez and Dr. Theodore Thomas

Presented by her father, Theodore

Amy Twohig, Daughter of Lezlie and Joseph Twohig

Presented by her father, Joseph