Modern Home Systems offers easy programming plans for home-and-business automation


So you think monitoring the security of your home from afar or having your favorite music play throughout the house is beyond your means? Not necessarily, says Danielle Twilegar, marketing manager for Modern Home Systems (formerly La Jolla Home Theater & Automation).

“This is no longer a niche market,” according to Twilegar. “It’s starting to apply more to mass market and not just the top 5 percent of San Diego in terms of income.”

Modern Home Systems, now owned by Otto Benson, who acquired the company in 2013, is family owned and operated with 11 employees on staff. None of the work performed in clients’ homes or businesses, whether locally or out of town, is done by subcontractors. The company’s specialties include home automation systems, whole-house music systems, home-theater rooms, operation networking and wiring.

“Our biggest specialty is home automation,” said Twilegar. “That entails allowing the homeowner to control everything, from lighting to auto-video. You name it, we can program it. You can control everything from an iPhone or an iPad.”

This means convenience for the client. “There are a lot of Smart devices out there,” said Twilegar, “but nothing like our product, where it’s integrated all into one app. You don’t have to toggle between multiple apps to have the fluidity to control things.”

Modern Home Systems is an Apple authorized reseller and its employees include Apple technicians. Its chief home automation platform is Savant, which is Apple based.

“We wanted to become Apple specialists so that we can understand the system inside and out, and handle the whole system from a service standpoint,” Twilegar said. “We know people who tend to gear toward Apple seem to be Apple (users) across the board in terms of their devices.”

Modern Home Systems, then, gives them all-in-one control. After home automation systems, home audio is the company’s most popular specialty system.

“Who doesn’t love music?” Twilegar asked rhetorically. “With the products that are available we can accommodate both mass-market and real high-end audiophiles.”

These clients are not confined to the San Diego area, either. Besides its customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Modern Home Systems has undertaken projects in Boston, New York, Florida, and even Hawaii.

Closer to home, when La Jolla Home Theater & Automation acquired Modern Home Systems three years ago, its entire client database went with it. Plus, “the transition with the new clients was pretty seamless,” Twilegar recalled.

Being a home automation system client usually doesn’t stop with the initial installation project, either. “They (Modern Home Systems’ clients) seem to be lifelong customers once we get them because technology is ever evolving. When new products come out and they want us to install them as well, we have to program the new devices into their homes.”

— Modern Home Systems is at 7007 Carroll Road, San Diego. (858) 554-0404.

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