Mobile woodworking station founder raising funds for new bus

Sheila Dawson, who brings her Children’s Woodshop Bus (a repurposed 1966 vehicle) to schools and children’s centers across San Diego, needs money for a new bus.

The students who participate in her woodworking classes, including children at Bird Rock Elementary School, get simplified lessons in the basics of woodworking including sawing, sanding, hammering, drilling and turning screws. However, her bus is too old and in need of too many repairs to continue for much longer. The injectors on the bus’s engine are wearing out to the point that mechanics suggested the bus be retired, Dawson said. The injectors could potentially last another year or two, before the bus would stop running. Should Dawson not raise enough for a replacement, she said she would likely park the bus near her home in Clairemont and continue operations from there.

Dawson hopes to raise $25,000 for a 30-foot transit-style bus that is in compliance with state emission requirements. Extensive retrofitting efforts would be taken to create child-appropriate stations and equipment storage, similar to what can be found on her bus as it is now.

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