Mobile ads an eyesore

The beach communities are overrun with large trucks serving as mobile advertising implements. I’ve seen a van draped with a Going Out Of Business sign — a gross violation of the sign ordinance. This is not just a temporary thing. It has been in this location for several months.

There are shipping containers on a permanent foundation in a parking lot on La Jolla Boulevard and there’s a large truck with advertising that’s always on La Jolla Boulevard.

At Christmas time, a person who installs Christmas tree lights advertised that venture by leaving a boat trailer with a large sign parked on La Jolla Boulevard at Sea Ridge for two weeks. Then he moved it a couple of blocks closer to Mission Boulevard for another week.

I think a simple ordinance that prohibits commercial vehicles, and vehicles advertising businesses, from parking on streets containing residences would suffice. An appropriate penalty would help in attaining the desired effect.

Ben DillahuntyResident, La Jolla