Mission Bay Aquatic Center in San Diego updates fleet with five Nautique boats

From Aquatic Center Reports

Mission Bay Aquatic Center continues its 30-year partnership with premier boat manufacturer Nautique. The Mission Bay Aquatic Center, a service provided by the Associated Students of San Diego State University and University of California San Diego Recreation, has renewed its 30-year partnership with watersports boat manufacturer Nautique and will annually update its fleet with five of the company’s newest models.

“Nautique is the top wakeboard boat manufacturer in the country,” said Kevin Straw, director of the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. “Through this partnership, we are able to introduce our wakeboard and waterski students to top-of-the-line boats and Nautique is quickly able to see how the boats perform over what would be a lifetime of use.”

Through its summer watersports camps and year-round classes, the Mission Bay Aquatic Center annually trains 2,000 adults and children how to wakeboard and waterski each year, and each boat easily racks up hundreds of hours of use each year. The average family that owns a boat will use it about 700 to 750 hours in their lifetimes.

As part of the agreement, Nautique will initially provide the Mission Bay Aquatic Center with four Super Nautique 210 models, designed for wakeboarding, and a Sport Nautique 200, a hybrid model designed for both wakeboarding and waterskiing. New boats will be rotated into the fleet each year.

Located in Mission Beach, the Mission Bay Aquatic Center is the world’s largest waterfront instructional facility and a regional boating safety center for the California Department of Boating and Waterways.

The Mission Bay Aquatic Center offers classes and rentals in wakeboarding, surfing, stand-up paddling, sailing, kayaking, rowing and windsurfing to more than 15,000 local university students, San Diego residents and visitors per year.

It also offers youth watersports and marine science summer camps in partnership with the YMCA. For more information, visit



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