Middle school league wraps up season


A new middle school athletic league for students from the area’s small private schools held its last track meet of the year on Friday for about 45 athletes.

Called the Independent Middle School League, it’s composed of The Children’s School in La Jolla, The Grauer School in Encinitas, Horizon Prep and Marantha Christian School in Rancho Santa Fe, Pacific Ridge in Carlsbad and St. Joseph Academy in San Marcos.

Friday’s event featured athletes from Children’s School, the two Rancho Santa Fe schools and Grauer competing in eight running and field events

A news release notes that school officials have instituted a “no-cut policy” to encourage participation regardless of skill level or experience.

Carla Silver, who coaches at The Children’s School, said, “Students have learned a great deal about competition, teamwork and representing their schools … Managing winning and losing gracefully are important skills to master. Most of all it has been about having fun.”

So far they’ve competed in flag football, cross country, track, basketball, soccer and tennis. The league expects to expand next year, with more schools and softball and championship tournaments in each sport.

Bill Rodgers, associate athletic director at Marantha, will serve as league president next year.