Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade battles foot injury, sticks to the sidelines throughout early season

By Jay S. Berenter, DPM, FACFAS

The Miami Heat’s superstar shooting guard Dwayne Wade made headlines last week after his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, threw him a spectacular and star-studded birthday bash at a swanky South Beach hotel. However, once the festivities subsided, it became clear that the Heat’s prized player would nevertheless remain on the sidelines when it came to his day job, thanks to a persistent

foot injury

and now a sprained ankle – both of which have kept him off the court throughout much of the team’s early season.

Earlier in January, both Wade and coach Erik Spoelstra acknowledged that plantar fasciitis might be the cause of Wade’s performance-impeding injury. As Spoelstra explained it, Wade’s injury is “mostly a bruise;” something that can result from one too many hard knocks on the court and that, in Spoelstra’s opinion, can feel similar to plantar fasciitis in some cases. More recently, however, Dwayne Wade has continued to lay low, even in the face of a three-game losing streak for the Heat. The combination of consistent foot pain and now a sprained ankle have found Wade out for nearly half a dozen games thus far over the course of the season. Under the circumstances, it is no surprise that Wade’s coach and teammates are supporting his decision to rest up, get healthy, and receive extended treatment from podiatrists with experience in handling plantar fasciitis and other troublesome sports injuries.

Custom orthotics and cutting-edge treatments are the keys for success against plantar fasciitis

Foot injuries, and especially plantar fasciitis, are common among professional athletes due to the intense level of physical activity and perpetual strain that comes hand in hand with one’s status as an elite athlete. A frequent side effect of rigorous running and training workouts, plantar fasciitis is defined as an inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot. The results of plantar fasciitis may include multiple symptoms, such as pain, aching, stiffness and sometimes a burning sensation in the affected area; and while these symptoms are undeniably uncomfortable and inconvenient for athletes like Dwayne Wade, they are also treatable thanks to the expertise and ingenuity of today’s skilled and certified podiatrists.

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