Merchants, shoppers get in on ‘Find the Jewel’

Shoppers seem to be getting the hang of hunting for jewels in the Jewel.

Gina Phillips of Adelaide’s Florist, who has worked night and day for the past couple of weeks to get the “Find the Jewel” promotion off the ground, said her shop has seen one woman come in every day since the campaign started. As of Monday, 40 merchants were participating.

“Sometimes she buys, sometimes she doesn’t,” Phillips said, adding, “People are taking notice” and asking about the program.

Merchants hang a “jewel” on up to 10 items, giving shoppers a 20 percent discount on that merchandise. Each day the jewels are moved to new items.

Restaurants are putting the jewels on things like wine and specific menu items, Phillips said.

One day last week, two women were looking at the same item in Phillips well-known florist shop.

While one held it, the other walked to the counter and said she wanted it. The one who went to the counter got the discount; the other bought the item, too, but at full price, she said.

At Needle Nook on Fay Avenue, the workers love the program too, said co-owner Fay Bullitt. “They’re getting a lot of joy in moving the jewels” to the various items each day.

Although Find the Jewel was originally scheduled for just the four weeks before Christmas, Phillips said there is some talk of expanding it into the New Year.

The campaign is one effort merchants are making in an effort to attract customers. Many also are staying open until 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and some are offering entertainment and refreshments.

Participating “Jewel” merchants as of Monday:

7400 Block of Girard

  • Gracie & Co.
  • Maudlin
  • Gallery Eight

7500 Block of Girard

  • Etceteras
  • Girard Avenue Collection
  • Seaside Homes

7600 Block of Girard

  • Everett Stunz
  • Nestlife
  • Past & Presence
  • Ark Antiques
  • Encore of La Jolla

7700 Block of Girard

  • Ascot Shop
  • Meanley & Son
  • Adelaide’s Flowers
  • Kreiss Collection

7800 Block of Girard

  • Warwick’s
  • Burn’s Drugs
  • Jack’s La Jolla
  • lululemon athletica
  • Girard Gourmet
  • MOS (My Own Space)
  • Geppetto’s Toys
  • La Jolla Shoe Gallery
  • Bendls Custom Shirts
  • Bowers Jewelers
  • Sigi’s Boutique

Fay Avenue

  • Village Gifts
  • The Artful Soul
  • Needle Nook of La Jolla
  • Martha Smith Fine Linen
  • Nelson Photo

Prospect Avenue

  • GAIA Spa
  • La Martina
  • Nicole Miller
  • Galeria JAN
  • Africa & Beyond
  • Jewels by the Sea
  • Cold Stone Creamery

Silverado Street

  • Brick and Bell

Wall Street

  • Statements of La Jolla