Merchants hiding ‘jewels’ to entice local shoppers

Village merchants are taking their “Jewel” to heart starting today.

Led by Gina Phillips of Adelaide’s, they’ve launched a new twist on holiday shopping - Find the Jewel.

As she puts it, “There’s a jewel waiting to be discovered for those who shop locally.”

The jewels will be hung on 10 items in each establishment each day. Shoppers who find the jewel will get a 20 percent discount on that item.

Each day, the jewels will move to new items, she added.

“If you see it on an item you want, you’d better not wait, because it won’t be there the next day,” Phillips said.

Leon Chow of Nelson Photo Supplies, one of those who’s joined the campaign, said, “There’s nothing like a treasure hunt to get people excited. I like to think La Jollans are up for this.”

Phillips spent the Thanksgiving weekend packaging up “jewels,” posters and counter cards for participants in the “Find the Jewel” campaign to use.

The goal, she said, is to have 70 merchants - from shops to restaurants to spas and salons - participating.

That would “mean that there will be up to 700 special Jewels in La Jolla,” she added.

Each participating store has a bright yellow counter sign with a palm tree and an example of what the jewel looks like.

Employees will know which items are the “jewels” of the day and will be able to help shoppers out, but it will be fun just to try and find them on your own, too, she said.

Phillips said the idea is “to make it fun to shop and give people a reason to come in our stores. We really want it to be a community thing.”

While fun and community are the goals, she said the emphasis is on helping local merchants attract shoppers who might go elsewhere.

She credited Phyllis Pfeiffer of the Light for coming up with the idea to help boost sales.

“We really want to build a mystique about shopping locally, especially this year,” Phillips said in reference to the slow economy that has some retailers on edge.

The Find the Jewel campaign is the second thing merchants are doing to promote shopping in La Jolla this year. They’ve also launched Tuesday Nights in the Village, with a number of shops staying open until 8 p.m. There will also be entertainment and specials for Tuesday nights in December.

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As of Dec. 2, here are the merchants participating in Find the Jewel:

7400 block of Girard

  • Gracie & Co.
  • Maudlin
  • Gallery Eight

7500 block of Girard

  • Etceteras
  • Girard Avenue Collection
  • Seaside Homes

7600 block of Girard

  • Everett Stunz
  • Nestlife
  • Past & Presence
  • Encore of La Jolla
  • Ark Antiques

7700 block of Girard

  • Ascot Shop
  • Meanley & Son
  • Adelaide’s Flowers
  • Kreiss Collection

7800 block of Girard

  • Warwick’s
  • Burn’s Drugs
  • lululemon athletica
  • Geppetto’s Toys
  • Bendls Custom Shirts
  • Bowers Jewelers
  • Sigi’s Boutique

7600 block of Fay Avenue

  • Village Gifts
  • The Artful Soul

7700 block of Fay Avenue

  • Needle Nook of La Jolla
  • Martha Smith Fine Linen
  • Nelson Photo

Prospect Avenue

  • Galleria JAN
  • Africa & Beyond