Merchant seeks beautification


By Clair Thelin

As a Village merchant who has watched what has happened with Promote La Jolla, I am upset because the city is not billing us merchants for the business improvement district funds and Promote La Jolla has no money, until all this is unraveled. Glen Rasmussen, head of the streetscape committee, is asking for donations of $2,075 a month to keep the flower pots watered and $885 a month for the Urban Corps to sweep the gutters, empty trash, etc.

We have had a business in the Village for 14 years. We have tried in a small way to give back to the community by keeping the dip wall on Prospect Street free of trash, weeds and graffiti. We also have tried to get La Jolla Parkway beautified by going to the City Council and Promote La Jolla. Why can’t the La Jolla Parkway look like the beautiful landscaping along Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs?

I just read where the Jacobs gave $10 million to the ACLU. My niece’s boss gave $25 million last year to Scripps Hospital. Many more have given to great causes. Wouldn’t it be great if someone out there would donate money to La Jolla Parkway in memory of someone and a sign could be put along the parkway stating “This parkway’s beautification was done in memory of .”

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would donate money for a parking garage for the Village? A single parking meter could be put up down at the Scripps Park or in front of the museum stating, “This is the only parking meter in La Jolla, because of the donation, a parking garage was built in memory of _.”

Clair Thelin owns La Jolla Cove Gifts.