Menopause book a hit with author’s fans


The launch party for Ellen Sarver Dolgen’s girlfriends guide to menopause, “Shmirshky,” was as playful as the book. Dolgen’s friends and family came out to the March 12 party in force, treated to medical term-inspired appetizers and drinks, frank and candid conversations about you-know-what, good music, great food, and a starry new venue at 10300 Campus Point Drive in La Jolla.

It’s clear there’s a universal marketing plan behind the book concept. Shmirshky-logoed T-shirts and water bottles were available that night along with copies of the book, and Dolgen was urging families to host Shmirshky Parties “to share the message and the laughter with your friends.” Thanks to a click on the link At Your Cervix! at, “You can chat about your party, share photos and discuss all things shmirshky with people all over the world.”

As the men left the party, most agreed that they can’t wait for a book about their “erlicks” to be written. Oiy Vey.